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CIO's, IT Managers, Project Leaders, HR Managers, Hiring Managers


  • Exorbitant charges by recruiting agencies and job search engines.
  • Information overload resulting from poring through loads of resumes most of which do not meet your specifications.
  • Frustration experienced while communicating requirements to non-technical personnel at recruitment agencies.
  • Being bombarded by cold calls due to information leaks.
  • Paying higher than industry standard hourly rates due to one or more tiers of middlemen and finders fees.
  • Being staffed by underperforming consultants who aren't motivated to do their best, since they had to settle for lower rates negotiated by third parties, who have factored in a sizeable cut for themselves.
  • Consultants declining the position after wasting hours in the interview process.
  • The same candidate resume being presented by different third parties each claiming him/her to be their own.
  • Inordinate delays adding to your project costs and stretching your schedules.


It's very simple really. All you have to do is fill out the self-explanatory form by clicking on the link below. Give us an email contact address and within a week we'll send you a maximum of 3 targeted resumes that best meet your requirements. No phone calls. No hard-sell.

Referral Request form .

If you like the consultant's profile, feel free to touch base with us and negotiate terms. The consultant/vendor will be paid an all inclusive hourly rate and will manage their own tax filings.

Don't you agree with us...it couldn't get simpler than that. And we are qualified to provide this service as we are staffed by Oracle Applications specialists who understand your requirement and will try their utmost to match it with the right consultant for the job. If we don't find a good match in our network, we'll pass. We won't compromise as we'd like our referrals to be valued.

When you have a short-term, high intensity, specialised staffing requirement for your deadline critical implementation, the benefits of bringing in an independent consultant cannot be overlooked. They are by nature highly mobile, deploy rapidly, hit the ground running, very professional, concerning themselves solely with the work on hand and are extremely loyal to the hiring manager.

In addition, unlike regular employees, you don't have to pay federal and state payroll taxes or workers' compensation insurance or employee benefits and are not generally liable for their actions. Also you face reduced exposure to lawsuits for labor law violations.

Once the job is done the consultant moves on, but is always available for remote consultation as it is in their interest to maintain contact and good client relations.